eCommerce is surging, are you set up to win?

eCommerce is surging, are you set up to win?

One of the staggering shifts in consumer behavior this past year is the huge uptrend in eCommerce sales. For consumer goods companies, this is a moment of reckoning as they need to play in this exponentially more cluttered and competitive landscape, but also a great opportunity to both get closer to their consumers, win new market share and build winning direct-to-consumer strategies.

Noogata’s AI platform takes billions of data points from multiple sources and transforms them into intelligent recommendations you can act on immediately.

Our blocks gather, enrich and model specified data, then generate rich and dynamic analyses. Equip your team with unmatched visibility into the eCommerce landscape. 

Put your data to work

Here’s how our collection of AI blocks
drives eCommerce impact

Virtual Aisles

Most eCommerce platforms are search-based, with digital “shelves” built dynamically for each consumer. Our blocks offer you a customer-centric perspective into how consumers search and find your products based on Virtual Aisles that reflect this ever-changing environment.
  • Evaluate product positioning, pricing and share of shelf
  • Quantify true market potential
  • Increase click-through rates and conversion

Winning Content

Title, description and back-end keywords are key drivers for exposure, click-through and conversion rates. Changing one word in a product title could drive sales by up to 50%. But with thousands of competing products and tens of thousands of search terms, optimizing content is not easy. Our blocks generate product-specific recommendations that drive your exposure and sales.

  • Identify keywords with highest impact based on the most relevant search topics
  • Adjust product positioning to capture both thematic and seasonal shifts in consumer preferences
  • Measure content completeness across your products and identify opportunities


You can’t capture opportunities you can’t see. Spot, explore and evaluate emerging trends, based on topics that are gaining and losing momentum. 

  • Innovate faster to respond to emerging consumer needs
  • Sharpen marketing messages and product listings
  • Optimize inventory to ensure you are never out-of-stock during a demand spike

Advertising Battlegrounds

Transform your marketing strategy and optimize your spend by mapping the critical search topics for your product portfolio.  Identify the open battleground to position your products effectively and capture shelf space in the most impactful searches. 
  • Find key search topics for each product and track exposure against competitors
  • Define a defensive or offensive advertising strategy
  • Optimize spend and leverage brand strength where it really matters

Digital Touchpoints

Gain unique visibility into the path to purchase to understand consumer drivers and considerations and map the most critical touchpoints.

  • Discover buying personas for products —where you are strongest and where are growth opportunities?
  • Create new product bundles to capture a higher share-of-wallet
  • Drive direct-to-consumer sales by getting the right offer to the right customer at the right time

AI imagined for enterprises.
No code. No curve.
Just a fast track to results.

AI Imagined for
enterprises. No code.
No curve. Just a fast
track to results.

AI Imagined for
No code.
No curve.
Just a fast
track to results.