Are you leveraging data to engage customers and increase profitability?

Noogata is building a Financial Services library that targets the mission-critical use cases of the digital experience.

The blocks transform billions of data points into intelligent recommendations you can act on immediately.

Put your data to work

Our AI blocks equip your teams with best-in-class data science and modelling. Here’s how.

Digital Touchpoints

Online interactions with the bank do not start and stop at its website. Stay alert to the relevant conversations online to better understand how customers are researching financial service offerings, how they compare providers, where they are frustrated and where your products shine.

Personalized Engagement

Recognize spending and behaviour patterns to improve the selection of customers targeted for outbound sales and offer the next-best action through the relevant digital and direct channels.

Attrition prediction

Identify signals that indicate high risk of churn for key products that customers hold, based on their profile and activity.

Moments of Delight

Predict and identify key moments in your customers’ life. Proactively connect around “delight moments” and “moments of truth” to surprise customers with a positive service intervention.

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