Is your data driving revenue and margin growth?

Is your data driving revenue and margin growth?

In-store sales are driven by hyperlocal demand — from consumer demographics to weather to changed traffic patterns. Each point-of-sale requires assortments and planograms that reflect consumer preferences, competitors and local realities. Each product category requires its own considerations.  At this scale, traditional BI analytics are insufficient for driving real growth.

Noogata’s AI platform enriches your store data with billions of external data points that work together to deliver actionable recommendations to optimize sales.

Get a comprehensive set of diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive models for optimizing retail performance across sales channels and formats. Our blocks create Store Fingerprints, producing a dynamic, multi-dimensional picture of each store. These allow you to develop, execute and track tactics that impact sales.

Put your data to work

Store Fingerprints generate smart clusters that offer actionable recommendations at the systemic and individual store level so you can optimize everything from logistics to product assortment, display, pricing and promotions.

Sales Performance Management

Leverage Store Fingerprints to identify hidden pockets of untapped growth opportunities. Measure store performance not only in traditional YoY metrics but also against the location’s inherent sales potential.

Store Finder

Identify the best locations for footprint expansion based on Store Fingerprints of your most successful locations.


Leverage hyper-local demand forecasting to optimize your inventory management and minimize both out-of-stocks and excess inventory.  Identify stores with a mismatch between sales potential and logistics service levels to detect early warnings for emerging inventory issues.


Maximize promotion ROI by applying AI to measuring the real impact of promotions. Deploy funds against the most effective promotions. Quickly cut spend on the ineffective ones. Reallocate spend to drive returns.


Design and execute demand-based assortment planning customized to each individual location, instead of relying on inefficient calendar-based resets. Our blocks create recommendations for each product category based on its unique characteristics, enabling you to identify unnecessary SKUs that take up shelf space as well as the best new SKUs to introduce to drive sales.

AI imagined for enterprises.
No code. No curve.
Just a fast track to results.

AI imagined for
enterprises. No code.
No curve. Just a fast
track to results.

AI imagined for
No code.
No curve.
Just a fast
track to results.